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August 25, 2020 By MADISON

Lots of casino news this week about land-based casinos in America. For example, there is new information about the shooter who opened fire on festivalgoers from his hotel in Las Vegas last October . As many as 58 people were killed, while 851 people were injured by bullets and the chaos that ensued when the man fired at the masses. The man had gambled heavily and lost at casinos in Las Vegas the days before. The news this week is that the man probably had an accomplice after all who, in an as yet unclear way, assisted him. Hopefully, with the research, they can quickly turn this black page in the history of the gambling city of Las Vegas.

Better casino news from Las Vegas comes in the form of the turnover figures for 2017. Never before have the casinos in the American city booked so much turnover. With an increase of no less than 4% compared to last year, last year’s turnover went to 17.8 billion dollars. A special observation with these figures, however, is that the majority of the income does not come from casino games . No less than 34% of the turnover comes from the money of people who bet in the casino. The remainder comes from, among other things, the rental of hotel rooms and various food and beverage outlets. In addition, the shows on the Strip in Las Vegas are doing well and people spend a lot of money in the nightclubs that are there. So, based on these figures, more and more people are coming to Las Vegas for things other than gambling.

Also from Atlantic City comes, possibly, positive casino news. The now famous gigantic ghost casino that opened earlier under the name Revel and Ten has once again a new owner. Investors Bruce D. Deifik and Jordan Deifik have bought the enormous property and plan to get it off the ground this time. The building, which was built for a whopping $ 2.4 billion, they could take over for as little as $ 200 million. However, three casinos that were in it before have all gone bankrupt. Whether the Deifiks will succeed is very much the question. A reopening would be good news for Atlantic City. Not only will it create thousands of jobs, but the entire casino industry in the city can benefit from it. Hopefully for the residents and investors it will work out this time!

In the Netherlands there is casino news about the privatization of the Holland Casino. Now there are fourteen locations of the Holland Casino, all of which are owned by the government. Once the new legislation and regulations have passed through the Senate and the House of Representatives, a maximum of two casinos may be built. The government then wants to split up Holland Casino. Four current casinos and two new to be built casinos can be purchased and the other lot consists of ten existing establishments. However, the question is how eager investors and existing casino companies are about the locations of the Holland Casino. It employs a lot of relatively expensive personnel and the figures of recent years are not so good that many parties are eager to take over the business. In addition, legislation and regulations will remain strict in the Netherlands and there will be many snags in the contracts that will be drawn up when the acquisitions actually take place. We will be curious how this will work out and when more clarity will come about.

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