Craps, History and Meyer Lansky

October 8, 2020 By MADISON

Craps is a dice game. The alleged history goes back to the beginning of our era. The rules of the game are simple. In essence, you bet on the combination of two dice. Of course, 7 is the safest, because that number is the most common in combination (6 and 1, 5 and 2 etc).

OnlineCasinoGround has a page explaining the casino game of craps . You can play the game there for free to master it. And then, of course, you will take your chances at the online craps tables. Here we dive into the history of craps inรีวิว-sagame88/

Meyer Lansky and craps

Before we do that, we pick up a piece of anecdotal history. We can also talk about James Bond, an enthusiastic Craps player. But we go back a little further to 1915. Thirteen-year-old Russian Jew Meyer Lansky had only lived in America for two years . Every Friday he walks home from school. Then his mother gives him a pan of Cholent, a traditional stew she prepared the days before, and 5 cents. Lansky has to take the pan to a baker who, for a fee of 5 cents, places the dish in an oven until after the synagogue service on Saturday.

On a Friday in 1915, Lansky walks back to the bakery. Along the way he has seen the craps players many times. He understands the game around 7 and it seems to him a simple way to double the 5 cents. Lansky bets his 5 cents and loses. He is extremely ashamed, cannot go to the bakery and does not dare to go home. That experience is the start of his criminal career .

Rather than accepting his loss, Lansky regularly returns to watch the game. He discovers that craps was being played fraudulently on those street corners at the time. The banker is in cahoots with the players who come with little money and a little later have piles of coins. He can also set up something like that, and better. Several years later, Lansky made a name for himself as ‘the bookkeeper and architect of the American underworld’.

Craps, unclear early history

Craps is a game of chance that evolved from dice games that originated in the Middle Ages. However, several historians suspect that the origin of the game has been around for much longer. There are then stories about Romans who already played it around the beginning of our era. They would have shaved pig legs and carved cube shapes from it. They then played craps with these dice-like cubes by throwing the numbered bones into their shields.

The problem with stories about the history of craps, however, is that the word craps is more or less synonymous with sagame88 dice. So the stories may be correct when it comes to dice. But that’s not to say that the intended players, like the Romans, were playing a game similar to the craps that Meyer Lansky saw on a corner of Delancey street in New York.

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